Book Review: Google Drive Instant starter Guide

Learn to use Google Drive to safely store and access your files online

Instant Google Drive Starter – Mike Procopio

Google Drive Starter
Mike Procopio
Packt Publishing
82 Pages

A simple, easy to follow starter for beginners. The book is ideal for anybody looking to move to the cloud and who wants to start with Google Drive, the cloud storage offering from the web giant.

The author, Mike Procopio, is a Machine Learning researcher and Senior Software engineer with Google. He works on the Google Drive team and naturally, this enables him to give readers a complete view of Google Drive’s functionality.

Google Drive, like every other feature from Google’s garage is very intuitive. One doesn’t need a book to grasp or learn things. However, there will always be a few people who are apprehensive about cloud offerings. Then again, new users to Google’s offerings like Google Docs or even Gmail will need some help with the user interface. Packt Publishing‘s Google Drive Instant starter guide is targeted at these people. So if you want to start your cloud experience with Google Drive then this book is definitely for you.

The book begins with a short and lucid introduction to Google Drive; what can be done and what cannot be done. The reader is then given an easy-to-understand guide to the user interface. Users who are familiar with Google Docs could skip the next chapter which deals with opening and managing files with Google Drive. Once the basics have been explained the book goes on to list the top 7 features that users are most likely to use. These include working with files and folders, searching for files, sharing files with other users, syncing your Google Drive account with various devices or systems, installing third party apps and finally using your tablet or smart-phone to access Google Drive. A short note about settings is also provided.

Mike Procopio takes the book a little further. Recognizing that users will want to tweak and learn more about Google Drive, he provides a list of blogs and websites that users could visit. This is a welcome addition to the book as there will always be users who need some visual representation to help them in their learning. That is not to say that Procopio has not not done that. The book is interspersed with screen-shots. This makes it easy for the reader to understand what feature is being discussed and where to find it.

The verdict

The book is well written with sufficient illustration and explanation. Procopio has added little tips and tricks along the way to help the reader on his Drive. The book is exactly what the title states; a starter guide. It does not delve into the nitty gritty tiny details that make Google Drive what it is. So please don’t expect to learn anything about what goes on under the hood. While Procopio does work on the Google Drive SDK and with applications for Google Drive, this is not where he opens up about them.

With just 82 pages, this book can be read within a day ( if you have some free time, which I don’t). Visit the Packtpub website for offers. They always have discounts going. The book is available in both a paperback edition and popular electronic versions. It is also available on Amazon.

Have a nice Drive.


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